Almost three-quarters of RTOERO members are active volunteers.

Our district is completely volunteer-led. Our dynamic volunteer team works together to offer a wide range of programs and services to our members.

Contact our president to learn more about volunteering with our district.

District 35 Dryden volunteers jobs

Volunteer Opportunities – Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Baycrest is working to defeat dementia and change the future of aging. Become a volunteer today and support our work to help older adults make […]

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Volunteers in the Newmarket, Ontario Region

The Newmarket North Lions Club is constantly looking for volunteers to participate and plan our service activities in the Newmarket area. We have members from […]

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Volunteer to teach in Ghana summer 2023

Enrich your life through enriching the lives of others. Dekpor Basic School is looking for volunteers to share their teaching expertise in Dekpor, Ghana. Help […]

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District 35 Dryden Executive

Name Role Email
Carol Gardam President
Dennis Gushulak-A01-Unit President Unit President
Susan O'Grady First Vice-President
Roger Cormier Unit Vice-President
Patricia A Norman Secretary
Susan Cullen Unit Secretary
Patricia A Norman Treasurer
Roger Cormier Unit Treasurer
Lee Ann Benson Member Services Coordinator
Donna Gushulak Unit Member Services Coordinator
Elaine Morris Goodwill Rep
Donna Gushulak Unit Goodwill Rep
Patricia A Norman Newsletter Editor
Susan O'Grady Health Benefits Representative
Dennis Gushulak-K01-Unit HSI Representative Unit Health Benefits Representative
Sydney Wilcox PAC Rep
Tannis Ferguson-Jodar Web Master
Carol Gardam Corporate Member 1
Susan O'Grady Corporate Member 2
Dennis Gushulak Alternate 1
Laura Sfreddo Alternate 2
Carol Gardam Governance
Carol Gardam Social Media Rep
Lee Ann Benson RPW Organizer